3D Configurators


3D Configurators

MIO is the service platform for 3D Web product configuration which was developed by Metaverso and OKCS.

It consists of a high-fidelity WebGL viewer and a powerful back-end for the processing of orders and the management of models, prices and availability. 

The MIO platform can be adapted to any type of customization: from the colour combinations of a single item, to the creation of three-dimensional spaces filled with entire collections.

The user-created configuration is readily available in AR to be visualized in the real environment.

MIO is natively integrated with the E-commerce and ERP, thus creating visual order management tools for the end customer, the B2B and the sales force. 

In addition to the WebGL technology, we produce configurators based on Pixel Streaming: the 3D model is rendered remotely on a high-performance server and the interactive video stream is sent to the client.
This allows to achieve outstanding realism regardless of the device from which the content is viewed.  


Product configurator

3D Space Configurator

E-commerce integration

ERP integration

Augmented reality

Pixel Streaming

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