Virtual prototyping


Virtual prototyping

Metaverso specializes in the production of virtual prototypes for Fashion and Sport Apparel. We use the most advanced tools for 3D technical modeling for clothing, footwear, leather goods and fashion accessories. 

We develop software tools that can be used for the sharing of digital prototypes on any device and for the collaborative review.

Starting from the virtual prototype, we produce images, videos, applications, AR and VR tools ahead of the industrial production process. 

At Metaverso every 3D production is followed by modelers with a traditional prototyping background, by experts who are able to use the 3D model to obtain cut planes and scale models to be supplied to modeling as a reliable working basis.

It is a workflow which reduces the physical prototypes by 80%, drastically shortens the decision-making time and reduces business trips and shipping of materials, thus limiting the Carbon Footprint of the development process.

Virtual Prototyping


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