We digitize reality and make visibile what does not yet exist. We operate along the boundary between matter and imagination to create value through visual tools that combine software development and 3D representation. 

Our team

We are a team of professionals animated by a passion for cutting-edge technology. We are defined by a unique corporate culture which emerges spontaneously only when people who love creating, learning and growing come together, thus forming bonds that transcend the workplace.

All12 Animation4 Development6 Operational4 Rendering5
Riccardo Franco
Business Development
Matteo Reginato
Technical Director
Cosimo Mabilia
Lead Developer / HCI Specialist
Alberto Zuccato
Full-Stack Senior Developer
Luca Beghetto
3D Artist / Production Manager
Raffaele Signori
3D Artist / Sound Designer
Alessandro Morando
Art Director
Fabio Cristofolo
3D Artist / Interior Designer
Antonio Marusso
3D Artist / 2D Illustrator
Vanessa Orrú
3D Artist / Digital Tailor
Alberto Bressan
Accounting and Administration
Andrea Celato
Project Manager
UI/UX Design / Web Development
Alberto Vittadello
Art Director / Motion Graphics and VFX Specialist
Our history

Metaverso originated from the passion for Virtual Reality. It is a business idea which was first conceived in the academic environment and then turned into reality thanks to the confidence in one’s own vision and the dedication to everyday work.
It is a studio that, since 2006, has been able to anticipate the evolution of the digital market without ever losing sight of its goal: combining what is real and what is virtual to create new knowledge.


Jaron Lanier coins the term Virtual Reality

Neil Stephenson publishes Snow Crash a novel in which he theorizes the Metaverso, a virtual universe where everything is possible

The Metaverso business idea is developed: virtualizing reality and spreading it through the web

The founders of Metaverso are awarded the Premio Innovazione Forum PA thanks to the virtual visit to the Province of Milan building. The Palazzo Isimbardi project is presented at the Futurshow

The Metaverso Digital Agency specializing in 3D Virtualization is created

Metaverso produces its first 3D web configurator

Metaverso develops interactive exhibits for the Astronomy Museums in Prato and Bologna

Metaverso produces the lighting simulation of the Unicredit Tower for Permasteelisa

Metaverso produces Multi-user Virtual Reality Training

Metaverso collaborates to the development of the interactive Digital Twin of an important national infrastructure

Metaverso joins the Fashion industry with the production of virtual prototypes and collaborative design platforms.

Metaverso and OKCS launch the MIO web platform for the creation of product configurators.

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