Digital Twin


Digital Twin

Metaverso produces software platforms which implement the Digital Twin in the management of a product life cycle.
We create 3D CAD and polygonal models adjusted to the scope of the application. 

The Digital Twin is not a mere three-dimensional representation of an object but it updates the virtual representation using real-life data. 

Metaverso has combined its twenty-year experience in the production of 3D assets with skills in sensor management, data storage and representation, and development of communication interfaces between heterogeneous sources.

The Digital Twin thus reflects, at any given moment, the status of its physical counterpart, it preserves its history and keeps track of its evolution.

It can simulate, predict and optimize its behaviour. 

Product Digital Twin

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Product Data Management (PDM)

Virtual Prototyping

CAD and Poly modeling

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