Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality

Metaverso develops AR solutions utilizing the usdz and gltf formats which are natively supported by iOS and Android without requring the download of dedicated apps. They are AR models which can be shared via any instant messaging tool or via a simple web link.

Augmented Reality can revolutionize our relationship with technology. Adding a virtuality layer to the world paves the way to breakthrough solutions in every industrial or educational field. 

In the e-commerce, Augmented Reality allows the customer to accurately evaluate an object, thus reducing the number of returns while enhancing the conversion and retention rates.
In the product development, it improves the perception of 3D prototypes and reduces the decision-making time. In the entertainment industry, the effects of the AR filters are by now part of the mass culture. 

AR technical assistance puts the user directly in contact with the parent company: the staff will be able to operate remotly, directly on the product,  indicating which actions need to be taken and monitoring that such actions are executed correctly.


Product development

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Fashion / Sport apparel / Jewelry / Furniture & Interior Design

Usdz & Gltf

iOS & Android

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